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Fictional Romance / Drama / Women’s Literature
Night Flight is an emotional roller coaster careening from the heights of sexual gratification to the depths of guilt and loss. From the relatively quiet suburbs surrounding L.A. to San Francisco, Tokyo and Bangkok, Night Flight treats and terrifies as each of the characters faces events beyond their control–events that can only take place on the Night Flight. Welcome aboard.

Divorce breaks a family apart.
Melissa and Rick Adams married young. They were a typical couple living in Southern California–she as a realtor, he in car sales, both more invested in their careers than in each other. Even so, they shared a strong love for their only daughter, Amy. But when parents divorce, someone is blamed. And Amy directed her anger toward her mother, the most vulnerable target.

Passion ignites a new relationship.
Melissa Adams experimented with same-sex partners when she was young. But she repressed her urgings and married Rick, thinking her alternate lifestyle fling was behind her. That is until she met Kathy Murray, the rough and quick-tempered aircraft mechanic from San Francisco.

Guilt fractures a mother desperately seeking the love of her daughter.
Divorce drove Melissa to Kathy and a lifestyle her daughter didn’t approve of. Even Melissa seemed embarrassed and unsure of her new relationship. And her daughter’s disapproval drove Melissa into a disturbing depression as the years went by and she realized a relationship with Amy was more and more remote.

Obsession forces a series of unthinkable events into play.
Unable to let go of her grief over the loss of her daughter, Melissa’s relationship with Kathy was straining to the breaking point. Something needed to be done, so Melissa proposed a neutral location to meet up for a kind of vacation where they could all get together, and hopefully, learn to accept each other. But convincing Amy to participate seemed impossible. Melissa chose Bangkok for the rendezvous, hoping a free trip in an exotic foreign country might tip the balance and entice Amy to come. Melissa’s obsessive efforts to win back her daughter’s love, conquer her own misgivings about her relationship with Kathy, and turn her depression around require them all to make decisions that will affect each of them differently–for the rest of their lives.

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